ExpressVPN: The #1 VPN on the Planet!

Virtual private networks (VPNs) effectively helps you to browse the internet and end the location barred webpages anonymously. VPNs are genuinely significant when you want to watch favorite films while traveling. Also, when you have worries that spies or hackers may unfairly get your personal information. Therefore, ExpressVPN is a straightforward, simple, safe, and fast virtual private network – which people can gain access to through commonly used platforms such as Android or iOS mobile devices and Windows PC. ExpressVPN download for Windows 10, 8, 7 is available by clicking the download button below:

Additionally, ExpressVPN is hugely significant when checking through a webpage at al. Also, no matter what medium you use, ExpressVPN has a swift configuration structure that lets you boot up as quickly as possible.

Reasons why ExpressVPN is the best virtual private network available:

Your confidentiality is really privileged

In comparison to other virtual private networks, ExpressVPN will not keep records and logs of whatever you do online; for instance, websites that you browse and also it will not track your net. It uses a 256-bit security system to anonymize your website action and an OpenVPN software to make sure there is the security of your network. Through this, scammers or spies cannot sneak into your information.

Compatible with widely used communication mediums

You can activate your Express VPN on your Windows personal computer, Android smartphone, Mac OS X, iPhone, or iPads or even a wireless router through your single subscription; it is quite easy. The connection process takes only a few minutes, and their several user interfaces (UIs) are much more user-friendly compared to other VPNs available. However, Express VPN has a limitation; you can only access one server at a time. In case you want to establish a connection through several mediums at the same time, you must buy extra subscriptions.

You can unblock web content from wherever you are globally

Website surfers opt to use virtual private networks to unblock contents on the website, among other reasons. Through ExpressVPN, you can gain access to more than one hundred server addresses globally. And the most prominent part is that this app can automatically select the quickest and most appropriate server in your region. United States ex-pats or travelers can watch BBC live from another country like China or get access to United States Netflix Library from Singapore. Different countries grant access to various shows and films; thus, it is convenient to gain access to their servers and see what they have.

You can protect your online actions with AES-256 encryption

The advanced encryption standard (AES) secures the ExpressVPN with 256-bit keys; it is apparently a very secure network encryption technology. With over one hundred and forty-five private net locations across ninety-four different nations, which lets users connect to a server around them to gain a quicker internet speed, or make them select from several servers around the globe. ExpressVPN offers you extra internet security from cybercriminals and spyware since it ciphers use of the internet and hides IP addresses.

The speed test searches the best servers in your region a breeze

Aside from all the top characteristics that make ExpressVPN qualify to be the best VPN among the others, it is their speed test character. The small handy tool is used to assist in finding out the quickest servers. Because there are many server addresses to select from, this feature is totally significant. More so, they have unique applications that offer you a choice to change protocol settings and help you speed the loading times. There exist two diverse protocols to select from, and therefore you can freely get forth and back if you have challenges in loading a particular webpage or website.

You can benefit from their stellar live chat choice for answers to all your reasonable questions.

ExpressVPN is committed to delivering stellar customer service. You can address one of their customer care agents at any hour of the day and get your questions answered quickly and efficiently. Their enthusiastic customer service group is the best among the others. Although ExpressVPN is a bit costly compared to others, its user-friendly applications, stellar customer service, and security deserve the extra cost.

ExpressVPN Payment Plans

ExpressVPN payment schemes are quite direct. There exist only three strategies that start from 12.95 dollars monthly.


ExpressVPN is an excellent virtual private network application that enhances privacy, unblocking abilities, and platform assistance. If you are looking for the best VPN option, then go for ExpressVPN since it is the most reliable and convenient VPN service.